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See if Glancer Digital Marketing is a Match for Your Business

Q. How can I rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo without placing ads? 

You can achieve this by implementing an SEO campaign targeting your industry keywords. Glancer Digital Marketing offers SEO Plans that have been created to help small to medium size businesses grow organically. Each plan has a variety of options that are essential for building a strong digital presence, each centered around organic growth. 

Q. I see my competitor's ad at the top of Google when I search my keywords. How can my ad also appear here?

This is done by following a Digital Advertising Strategy. Glancer Digital Marketing offers this service, placing your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more. We also offer retargeting campaigns and soon, we will have Geofencing available so you can target potential customers who are in a close proximity of your business at the exact moment they are nearby.  

Q. I am looking for a creative approach to my branding and business development strategies, can you help with this?

Absolutely. Glancer Digital Marketing can give your business a creative new look by helping with your brand strategy and marketing content via our Graphic Design + Content Creation Services. Whether your business is new or old, our marketing team knows how to efficiently develop a creative plan that matches the marketplace and help you implement it into the many facets of your business, keeping your brand strong and consistent.

Q.  I need an enhanced web design, integrated with social media, google, videos, and more, maximizing SEO for one monthly cost. Is this something you offer? 


Yes. Glancer Digital Marketing can make that happen for your business with our Website Design Services.  We can build your website with automation, integration and more and then manage it for you on the back end, giving you more time to focus on your day-to-day business. From an SEO Optimized web design, to eCommerce set-up, membership directory development and more, we offer one-stop web solutions. 

Q. I am curious how my competitors have the time to create such compelling content and post it efficiently and consistently across local digital channels. Do you provide this service?  

For sure! Glancer Digital Marketing can also do this for your business with our Content Creation and Social Media Management Services. As you've heard, Social Media Is STILL Where It's At. You should be there, too! But it's critical that you have a Social Media Strategy in place first, coupled with branding, imagery and more. We will create a schedule, write the content, post it, deliver it and manage the results for you. 

Q. I have searched my business and see that my information is outdated or inconsistent from channel to channel. Can you fix these listings, so my business information appears consistent across all channels? 

Yes. Glancer Digital Marketing can update your business information across all channels with our Listing Management Service. Google, Yelp, Bing and other online directories often have listing errors. Glancer Digital Marketing can make yours appear correct, updating your information. We will then maintain your listings for you to avoid future issues and errors.

Q. I am ready for local or regional PR but need a PR savvy team to write your press releases, take accompanying photos and distribute to all of my preferred press outlets- local, regional and national. Do you offer this service?


Absolutely. Glancer Digital Marketing provides this with our Public Relations Services.  Our team has several years of experience in the local & regional media arena and knows what editors look for. We will write and distribute your press releases in a timely manner and track the coverage for each, reporting back to you. 

Q. I would like to start communicating with my contact list weekly or monthly, sharing about everything that is happening at our business (i.e. new services, awards, amazing employees etc.) via email. Do you offer this service? 


We do. Glancer Digital Marketing reach your contacts on a consistent basis with our Email Marketing Services.  We can set up your outbound e-marketing for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly distribution. We create a content plan, branded template and a schedule, as well as maintain your contacts and update them for you. 


Don't see your question listed? No worries! At Glancer Digital Marketing, we specialize in elevating small to medium-sized businesses in the digital space using a variety of techniques. We are seasoned marketers and know how to achieve digital success by amplifying your brand and maximizing your impact in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Contact us today and let us know what you are looking for. 


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Digital Advertising Plus Local SEO and Blog Creation


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